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One Cosy Christmas
One Cosy Christmas One Cosy Christmas
One Cosy Christmas
Author: M Christina Butler
Illustrator: Tina Macnaughton

Little Hedgehog can’t wait to spend Christmas with his friends. But who’s eaten all the biscuits? Who’s that snoring at night? And why is Little Hedgehog’s hat missing? Is Christmas ruined, or can the friends make it perfect after all?

One Cosy Christmas is a fabulously festive addition to the best-selling Little Hedgehog series (One Snowy Rescue, One Noisy Night, One Special Christmas, One Christmas Night). With wonderfully gentle illustrations from Tina Macnaughton and soft fuzzy textures throughout, this is the perfect gift for Little Hedgehog fans this Christmas!

Pages: 32
Format: Hardback  
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9781848696693
Dimensions: 281 x 230 x 9 mm
Alternative Formats:
Hardback (9781848696693): £11.99
Paperback (9781848696709): £7.99

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