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10, 9, 8 ... Owls Up Late!
10, 9, 8 ... Owls Up Late! 10, 9, 8 ... Owls Up Late!
10, 9, 8 ... Owls Up Late!
Author: Georgiana Deutsch
Illustrator: Ekaterina Trukhan

0+  3+  
Little Tiger Press  

Ten cheeky, bouncy, noisy owls are playing in a tree. It’s bedtime, but they’re having far too much fun to go to sleep! Uh-oh. Will Mummy Owl ever convince all her little owlets to fly down to the nest?

Learn to count from 1 to 10 in this hilarious new counting book! With gorgeous illustrations from the fantastically talented Ekaterina Trukhan, as well as fun peek-through pages and a useful counting guide, 10, 9, 8… Owls Up Late! is the perfect book for little ones who don’t want to go to bed!

Pages: 32
Format: Paperback  
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9781848699205
Dimensions: 287 x 187 x 4 mm
Alternative Formats:
Hardback (9781848697041): £10.99
Paperback (9781848699205): £7.99

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