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There’s been so much in the press about trolling, cyber-bullying and online abuse that I thought it might be time to try and stake my Geeky claim over a corner of the Internet. Here are the whats and whys:

Books with Secret Messages
The Geekhood books are drawn from very personal experience, including light-hearted (although it doesn’t feel like it at the time) events like asking girls out, heavier stuff, like seeing your parents split up and dealing with their replacements, nasty stuff like being bullied and more nebulous stuff like feeling different. The books I love the most are the ones where there’s a little ‘message’ tucked away behind the characters and the plot; something that the author thinks is important enough to drive the themes and the way things unfold. They’re not always easy to spot straight away, but you know when you’ve read one of those books because you’re left with a feeling that something in you has altered somehow or that your brain is trying to gently decode the information it’s picked up. I’ve tried to do that with the Geekhood books. I know what my ‘message’ is, but I’m not going to say it out loud, because the people who’ve read it have interpreted that message in a number of different ways and made it pertinent to their lives – which is an incredibly humbling thing, especially when I get to meet readers at school events and festivals.

Writing and Surviving
So, my idea is this: there’s me writing about stuff I think is important and reading stuff that other people think is important – but what about the people who are out there and living it? The stuff I’ve written about are things I’ve survived and that I now have some perspective on – and the hope is that other people who might be going through similar things can read my books and maybe take a little hope or comfort from them – as well as having a laugh and enjoying the story! Here’s what I’m after: for Young Adults to submit me pieces of creative writing about things they’ve survived – whether it’s something as funny and embarrassing as asking someone out or something more serious. I then publish those bits of writing on my site and, with a bit of luck, someone who’s going through what you’ve survived will see them and maybe – just maybe – it’ll help them gain some perspective on their situation. Maybe your writing could help someone out.

The (Very) Small Print
There are no prizes or anything; it’s a completely altruistic thing - but you just might be helping someone out. The piece can take any form you like, be it a poem, a short story, a screenplay-style piece – go nuts and be creative! The only criteria is that you write about something that’s important to you; send your message in whatever way you like. I won’t publish your full name; it’s a first-name thing only and I won’t publish where you’re from or anything like that. It’s entirely up to you if you want to tell people “I wrote that”, but they won’t hear it from me.

The first contribution’s up and there are more to come. If you want a little inspiration, have a look:

Drop me your work through the website and let’s see if we can’t start helping each other out a little bit. Let’s see if we can make the world turn a little more easily.

See you on my website!
Andy Robb
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