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Friends Forever
Friends Forever
Author: Caroline Plaisted
Illustrator: Katie Wood

Meet Charlie, Katie, Grace, Jamila and Ellie – they're five best friends and they've just joined the Brownies! The girls can't wait to start having fun and get involved in all the fantastic Brownie activities. And they're desperate to get some badges, too!

Katie and Grace have brought a friend to Brownies – their cousin, Meggie, from Australia. Meggie is a Brownie, too, and she tells them all about her brownie pack. Vicky and Sam, the Brownie leaders, suggest the girls might like to do their World Guiding Badge and find out more about Brownies in other countries – the girls can't wait to get started!
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback  
Price: £4.99
ISBN: 9781847151049

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