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Comet Chaos! (eBook)
Comet Chaos! (eBook)
Author: Lucy Courtenay
Illustrator: James Davies

What’s black and white, and flies faster than the speed of light? The Space Penguins! They’re the ice-cool crew of the spaceship Tunafish. With their pioneering flying skills and resistance to the deep freeze, these intergalactic avians are going where no fin has gone before. Captain T Krill, Rocky Waddle, Fuzz Allgrin and Splash Gordon are on a mission to explore new planets, rescue alien life, and battle their former comrade-in-wings: Dark Wader.

During a quick stop-off on the market planet of Ba-Ghin, the Space Penguins discover an old tablet with a familiar figure carved on it. A penguin with impressive eyebrows … just like Rocky’s! Determined to solve the mystery, the space mates journey to a strange planet, threatened by a fast-approaching comet, whose inhabitants are waiting for a bird god to save them. A bird god with very large eyebrows…

A hilarious series, featuring everyone’s favourite flightless birds! Packed with out of this world aliens, flipper to the floor penguin action, and daft jokes and puns, these books are perfect for boys and girls aged six to eight.
Pages: 112
Format: Electronic book text  
Price: £4.99
ISBN: 9781847155948
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 8 mm

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