Dirty Bertie's Birthday Blog Tour!
Monday, 30 November -0001
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Celebrations of '10 years of mischief with Dirty Bertie' continued this week with a brilliant blog tour.

From exciting giveaways to Q&As, book reviews, and a 'delicious' Dirty Bertie feast, the bloggers involved in the tour came up trumps (!) with some fantastic posts.

Kicking off the week on the Read it Daddy blog, we learnt all about how to 'effectively focus your flatulence'  - with the help of meringues, prunes, and of course baked beans! Over on the Bookbabblers blog things were distinctly less smelly, with copies of the latest Bertie book - Toothy! - up for grabs. We were treated to bogey fondue and mud&worm pudding over at the Little Wooden Horse blog later in the week (YUM) and Storyseekers bagged an exclusive David Roberts interview!

And all of the bloggers (plus their children) enjoyed reading a selection of Bertie books too!

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