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It’s Competition Time!

This month we are celebrating the curiosities of our planet and are giving you the chance to win a bundle of brand new non-fiction books including: Secrets of the Mountain, Journeys and What a Wonderful Word!

These books invite readers to read about past voyages of some of the bravest male and female explorers, learn fascinating facts about the magic of language and discover the secrets of nature when the world turns from day to night.


Written by Libby Walden and Illustrated by Richard Jones
RRP £11.99 | 3-6 years

Written by Jonathan Litton and Illustrated by Leo Hartas, Chris Chalik, Jon Davis and Dave Shepard
RRP £17.99 | 7-12 years

Written by Nicola Edwards and Illustrated by Luisa Uribe
RRP £12.99 | 9-12 years

Are you ready to be transported through a world of knowledge?

For the chance to win this book bundle, just answer the following question:

What is the largest ocean on Earth?
a) Pacific
b) Atlantic
c) Indian

The competition will close on May 2nd 2018.
Please note that answers need to be longer than one character so please submit your answers in the following format (X.ANSWER)
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