Tom Becker

Tom Becker
Tom Becker grew up in a market town in the northwest of England dreaming of becoming a writer. He won the 2007 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize with his first novel, Darkside, and continued to blur the lines between history and fantasy in books such as The Traitors and While The Others Sleep. To date his books have been translated into over ten languages. He has also published a play, Until The Last Light Fades, and an adult novel, The Cold Tap, under his real name, Tom Beckerlegge. Tom lives in London with his wife, baby son, and a horde of shadowy creatures that he keeps confined within the pages of his notebook.

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Dark Room
The Miss Saffron pageant is fast-approaching in Saffron Hills, and Darla wants no part of it. But gruesome visions – that come as quickly as a camera flash – hint at terrible fates for some of the beautiful teens involved. And then come the real deaths. Can Darla find the killer before it's too late? 
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