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I Want My Daddy!
I Want My Daddy! I Want My Daddy!
I Want My Daddy!
Author: Tracey Corderoy
Illustrator: Alison Edgson

3+  5+  
Little Tiger Press  

Some days we just need our daddies. And Arthur REALLY needs his daddy today. His play castle is all wrong, he bumps leg chasing baddies out of his kingdom and there's a monster in his moat! Nothing is going right for this little knight. There's only one thing for it: "I want my Daddy," he cries. 

Fans of Tracey Corderoy's I Want My Mummy! will adore this sweet tale of Arthur and his special dad. With warm and reassuring illustrations and a playful text, this picture book will cheer up any little knight having a bad day. The perfect gift for Father's Day - or any day when only Daddy will do.

Pages: 32
Format: Hardback  
Price: £10.99
ISBN: 9781848690486
Dimensions: 286 x 265 x 8 mm
Alternative Formats:
Hardback (9781848690486): £10.99
Paperback (9781848690493): £6.99
Tags: Animals,

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