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These books are suitable for children over the age of 11

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Slippery Slopes, High Hopes and My Winter Dream Boy
Emma and her brother, Will, are spending Christmas with their Dad on a last minute skiing holiday, and Emma can't wait. There's always the chance that she'll meet a gorgeous Austrian hunk on the slopes...
Ex Tax: £4.99
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Starry Nights, Stage Fright and My Surprise Valentine
Isabel can't wait for the school Valentine's Party - there's a boy in her class, Sam, that she really likes and she's determined that he's finally going to notice her.
Ex Tax: £4.99
You Wish
Eleven-year-old Benjamin Piff makes the ultimate birthday wish – the wish for unlimited wishes – and so begins a series of misadventures…
Ex Tax: £5.99
Girl Thursday
Thursday Jones is a total worrier – she worries about everything, from the size of her nonexistent breasts to the possibility of being killed by her own pants. Her best friend Millie says she’s lucky to live in such an interesting and exclusively female environment but all Thursday really wants is an ordinary life…
Ex Tax: £6.99