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The House of Hidden Wonders
The House of Hidden Wonders
Author: Sharon Gosling

9+  11+  
Stripes Publishing  
Zinnie and her sisters live in the murky tunnels beneath Edinburgh's Old Town. They keep out of the way of the authorities and remain undetected. Until, that is, rumours of a ghost bring unwanted visitors into the caverns they call home. Among them, a young Arthur Conan Doyle, keen to investigate, and MacDuff, the shady owner of Edinburgh's newest attraction, the House of Wonders.

Caught up in a world of intrigue and adventure, Zinnie seeks answers. But how can she discover what secrets lie in the House of Wonders while also protecting the sisters she holds so dear?

A thrilling historical adventure featuring mystery in the tunnels beneath Victorian Edinburgh, for fans of Robin Stevens, Katherine Woodfine and Jennifer Bell.


“Touching on issues of class and gender, its main purpose is to bewitch and enthral.” – Financial Times

“A perfectly paced and wonderfully written tale of mystery and magic.” – Sinéad O'Hart, author of THE EYE OF THE NORTH and THE STAR-SPUN WEB
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback  
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9781788951906

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