A round up of the Undead Pets blog tour!
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To celebrate the publication of the last in the series of Undead Pets, author Sam Hay went on a blog tour! Here is a round up of the tour in case you missed it...

28th April 2014
The Undead Pets tour began with author Sam Hay discussing the tricky process of ensuring the Undead Pets book series made sense on Serendipity Reviews

29th April 2014
She then explored the reasons why everybody needs such a magical, brave and adventurous Uncle like Uncle Charlie on Armadillo Mag.

30th April 2014
Grilled by the Young Writers, Sam tells all – everything from her proudest moment to life with only three books and her need for chocolate!
(scroll down to see the article)

1st May 2014
The tour continued with Sam’s essential guide to Undead Pets including how to avoid them and what to do when they won’t go away on Wondrous Reads!

2nd May 2014
Sam’s post for Little Fiction Fascination explored the idea of fear; what she finds the most creepy and why it is often the things we least expect that scare us the most!

3rd May 2014
The final stop was Sarah’s Book Reviews where Sam discussed her love of children, her inspiration for her characters and all things pet related!

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