A Girl, A Boy, Some Cake and A Book
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The making of Love, Lies and Lemon Pies by Katy Cannon!

Eighteen months ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop with my agent, Gemma Cooper, eating cake and talking about what sort of a book I might want to write next.

“How about something to do with baking? You like baking. Write about that,” Gemma suggested.

It could have gone nowhere. I could have said, “Yeah, maybe,” and never actually got around to doing anything about it. I had other things on my plate – other projects I’d promised editors, I was moving house in two days… I could very easily have missed the opportunity altogether.

Instead, I said, “Like, an after school baking club? It could be like The Great British Bake Off meets The Breakfast Club!” And suddenly, we were away.

We talked and brainstormed and threw out random ideas until we ran out of tea and cake, and then we got more and carried on. By the time we left the coffee shop, Lottie had been born, complete with personality, history, family and OCD tendencies. Mac, with his bad boy reputation and secret baking habit was there too, and Jasper and Grace and Yasmin… The whole gang.

I wrote the book over the next six months, sending it to Gemma a chapter at a time, editing it as we went until the last third of the book, which I wrote in one crazy, cake fuelled fell swoop over just a couple of weeks. And by Easter, we had a finished book we both loved.

All that remained was to find someone who wanted to publish it.

Luckily for me, Stripes stepped up to the plate, and proceeded to prove that they were the only people who could ever have published Mac and Lottie’s story by baking their way through every single recipe in the book, holding photo shoots for the most perfect cover ever, and never being less than wholeheartedly enthusiastic about the book from the very first day.

And to cap it all off, to celebrate the release of Love, Lies & Lemon Pies this week, they threw me the most fantastic launch party – complete with lemon pie, chocolate chip cookies and themed iced biscuits, all made to the recipes in my book!

Cutting the lemon pie!

Cutting the celebratory lemon pie!

Treats at the launch!

Some of the treats on offer at the launch - made using recipes from the book!

Gemma speech

Gemma during the speeches with Ruth Bennett from Stripes in the background!



Eighteen months ago, I had nothing more than a plateful of cake and an idea. This week, I get to hold my book in my hands and say thank you to all the wonderful people who made it happen. And to all of you, out there, who might read it.
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