7 Stores in 1 Day: 'The Odds' author Adam Perrott hits the road
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Here's an extra special guest blog; Adam Perrott - author of The Odds - tells all about his recent Waterstones signing tour, which saw him visit 7 stores in just 1 day! Over to Adam...

As you all may know or not at all may not know, I recently undertook an epic*, world-record-breaking**, never-been-done-before*** stock-signing tour for my new book The Odds.

The Odds has been selected for the brand new Waterstones ChoiceWords promotion for the 5-8 age range, so I spent the day travelling around seven branches in one day, signing stock and meeting people.

As this momentous event is already well-documented on my Twitter feed (@RealAdamPerrott #7shops1day), I have decided to regale you with my Top Highlights and Lowlights.
*It might not have been that epic
**Or world-record-breaking
***It may have been done before


IN AT #5
Displays: My book was on DISPLAY! People could see it, with their eyes and everything. There were posters. And bookmarks. And little reviews in little plastic covers. I even stickered some stock with "Signed by the Author" labels and put it back on the shelves, just like in my bookselling days. But it was MY book this time. On DISPLAY!

Meeting people: Anyone who knows me and my penchant for hermitude and misanthropy may think they have misread this one. But we were meeting lovely, enthusiastic and passionate people all day and that is good for the soul. I even signed a couple of copies for real-life children I met in the shops - children I didn't know! I love books and I love people that love books and booksellers tend to love books, so I tend to love booksellers. Do you see? Such people may never change the whole world, but with the dedication, care and passion we saw in those children's sections, a person's world can be changed forever. Stepping into a children's bookshop/section/library is to step into a gateway to a million different worlds, and these people are the Gatekeepers.

Liz: Sorry you only made it to number 3, Liz, better luck next time. But seriously, folks, Liz handled the PR for the whole thing. While I just had to swan into each shop and wisecrack, Liz made sure all those shops were ready, drove me there and was brilliant company to boot. Fair few people could stand an entire day from 10am to 5:30pm trapped in a small, metal box on wheels (a car) with me, but Liz did. And she did it brilliantly.

The Cheese and Ham Toastie: Waterstones Altrincham have a cafe upstairs and I had a cheese and ham toastie at lunchtime. It was pretty good. And Stripes paid for it, which made it taste a little better.

The Promotion itself: It may seem strange to say, but it is a complete and total honour to be selected (as a new and unheard-of author) for this brand-new promotion. The book for the promotion's 9-12 age range is by John Boyne who wrote The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and is proper famous and heard-of by everyone. Then there's my merry mischief-makers the Odds sticking their beaky noses out underneath. It was beyond incredible to see it face-out on a display (did I mention the displays?!).


IN AT #4
The bus: I got the bus down to the first store (Oldham) and I had forgotten how much buses scare me. Will they be on time? Will they turn up at all? Will there be room to sit down? If I do get a seat, will said seat have optimum leg-room enough for my 6'3" frame? Will the bus-weirdo get me? And so on. It was fine, but The Fear never leaves you.

The Rain: The walk from Manchester Arndale to the carpark was a (reasonably) short one, but the rain was some of Manchester's finest work to date. Liz had brought an umbrella, but it was nary large enough to cover my substantial head, so, being a gentleman (a large-headed one at that) I let her cover her reasonably-sized head and I got wet. Very wet.

Liz's driving: I don't use the term "hellish death-mobile" often, but...

No screaming hordes of fans: I knew there wouldn't be, but y'know, one's imagination runs away with one and images of the roads having to be closed and the traffic redirected as police put out those barriers with the seatbelt clippy things to contain the baying mob never really came to life. Still fun though!
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